How to rent out your apartment

Do you have an apartment and want to rent it? At Stay Barcelona Apartments we offer you the best possible collaboration. We are the most cost-effective and convenient solution for you because we specialize in renting apartments in Spain thanks to our constant work.

What we can offer you:

  • Close and familiar contact. We will resolve all your questions so you know you are making the right choice.
  • An introduction of your property on our website (translated in 6 different languages) free of charge.
  • Promotion of your property in internet.
  • Reservation management and its process.
  • Housekeeping service before and after every stay.
  • Management of incoming and outgoing guests and any inconvenience you may have.
  • Lock your property when you want to make a free use of your apartment.
  • We ensure that the treatment of the apartment by our guest is correct and its conservation status is the same as when the collaboration began.

Nowadays, we have apartments in Barcelona, Mallorc, Ibiza and Costa Brava but before long we will also offer a service in Menorca and Sicilia.

Contact us sending an email to or calling us to (+34) 935 141 659 or to (+34) 93 159 99 83 and you will see that your best option is Stay Barcelona apartments.

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