Additional services

At Stay Barcelona Apartments, we not only rent holiday apartments for your vacation, business trips or long-term stays, we also offer additional services to give you an excellent experience. 


Taxi Service Barcelona

Taxi service

Do you want to arrive to the airport and move as quickly as possible to your apartment?
Contract this service and avoid the lines of people to take a taxi, pay too much, etc.
Service cost:

  • Transfer from the Airport of Barcelona-El Prat (T1 y T2) to the apartment
    (máx. 4 people) > 45 €
  • Transfer from the Airport of Barcelona-El Prat (T1 y T2) to the apartment
    (min. 5 people - máx. 8) > 65 €
  • Transfer from the Airport of Girona-Costa Brava to the apartment
    (máx. 8 people) > 120 €




Are you travelling with your baby but don't you want to move all your nursery stuff?
Don't worry and enjoy our BabyKit!

You can enjoy cot with bedclothes, baby bath and highchair for a special price of 50 €, just ask for it during the reservation process.
Alternatively, you can only choose baby cot with bedclothes for € 30 on reservation form.

Babysitter service

You are in vacation with the family, but you want to go to the theatre or go to dinner with your couple. You have a meeting or business dinner and you have to be accompanied. ¿Where can you leave the children if you don't know anybody in the city?

We have the perfect solution for you. We collaborate with a babysitter company service to let you enjoy and be relaxed without your children.

Tour guide

Guide service

Barcelona is a big city with a lot of places to visit, but which one?

We suggest you our tourist guide service with personalized tours. Consult us and we will show you the options to choose between different routes, historical route, Barcelona romantic route...


Extra laundry service

We collaborate with Bugas (Foment del Treball Col·lectiu), this company helps to an unemployed person to entrance into the labour market. We are conscious that our prices are not the most competitive, but in this case our add value is not to offer the best price, is be socially responsible. We hope this idea excite you too. 

Sheets and towels for every guest are included, if you will want to change them or have some more during your stay, just tell us and we will inform you about the additional cost.

 Laundry service

Cleaning service

The cleaning service is included in the reservation price, but if you want to clean the apartment again, you can contact us and we will inform you about the rates by service hour.

Depending on the service that you choose, we have some special prices to groups. 

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